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If you are not able to see the videos in all their glory, there might be some compatibility issues.

Browser Compatibilty
Firstly, check your browser version, the site had been designed using the latest programming techniques.
This could mean that if your browser is a little outdated then your experience of both video and the site features in general may be hampered.

We recommend the following browsers for viewing the videos:

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. Make sure you have the latest versions installed.

Please note: Firefox does not come with flash player installed and therefore you will need to install this.

All mobile devices will use a non-flash viewing method and therefore you will not need any further installations.

Flash update/installation
All of the videos, whilst not created in flash do use a flash player for some features.
So we recommend installing the version compatible with you browser.

Get Adobe Flash Player

If you cant get any joy at all, let us know via email on marketing@ccmoore.net

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